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  • Nope! Our paper has a relief job on the sides ("knurling" for the connoisseurs among us), which serves for layer adhesion. This is done with a water-based liquid, so no glue is used to hold the layers together!
  • That's annoying! But you probably received it anyway, but it ended up in your spam box. We don't like it, but unfortunately it happens sometimes. If you don't find it there? Please contact us via
  • For the production of The Good Roll we work together with a reliable partner in the Netherlands. We have selected this partner with great care, extensive testing (and a lot of love) and they meet all strict criteria regarding the use of recycled paper and the EU Ecolabel certification. Only European recycled paper types are used for the production of our paper.
  • The delivery of The Good Roll is done by DHL. Once your order is placed, you will receive a track & trace code to track your order. You can also specify a date and time for the delivery yourself. Easy!
  • Our subscription is entirely free of obligation and can always be terminated immediately. So you are not attached to anything, but we're quite sure you'll never want to change this winning combination. By logging in to your account, you can change or cancel your subscription at any time. Do you need help, please contact us via
  • We deliver The Good Roll throughout the Netherlands, Germany & Belgium, at your home (physical address required) or at the nearest DHL Parcel shop.
  • The majority of orders that arrive before 4:00 PM are delivered the next business day. Sometimes it might take a little longer, but your order is always delivered within 48 hours!
  • Hell yes! If your order has left our warehouse, you will receive an email with a track & trace code from DHL. This gives you the most up-to-date delivery information of your package.
  • That's annoying! It is possible that your package was delivered while you were not at home. Then you have received a ticket from DHL with instructions to pick it up and your rolls are probably waiting at your neighbors. If this is not the case, do not send us a letter, but an e-mail (, also saves paper :)) and we'll solve it!
  • That's obviously not the intention and we'll be happy to solve it quickly. Send an email to and we will provide a solution.
  • Our toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper. The "raw material" for this is collected paper from Europe, mainly consisting of magazine paper, packaging material and cardboard boxes. So don't cancel your Linda or Men's Health subscription! Our paper is also provided with the EU Ecolabel.
  • Absolutely. Just send an email to our B2B department: and we will make a tailor-made proposal for you with direct insight of your possible impact by using our product.
  • We use wraps around every roll to keep our rolls moisture-free and hygienic. Unfortunately, we can't pack them without wrapper in a cardboard box. If we do have to make a wrapper, then we want to do the right thing in order to make it a sexy product. We're pretty sure your toilet will love it!
  • Nope! For a one-time order you only need to enter your address details and it is settled!
  • You can pay with iDeal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Paypal and Bitcoin.
  • Don't worry! Log in with your e-mail address and password and click on "Sent Orders". You can then view, download and frame all invoices of delivered orders (if desired).
  • Yes, check out site or the nearest store!
  • That can happen, of course, so we do not worry about giving you a new one ;-). You can request a new password:

    • 1. Select "LOGIN" at the top right
    • 2. Then choose "Forgot Password" in the login screen.
    • 3. Then confirm by clicking on "Request new password".
    • 4. You will now receive a new password at the e-mail address with which you have registered.

    Pay attention! Sometimes this mail ends up inadvertently in your spam mailbox. So check it out!
  • We produce as locally as possible to minimize the impact on the environment. That means: Our paper is made from 100% Dutch collected recycled paper and is also made in the Netherlands. We do this in a modern production location that produces in as sustainable a manner as possible through the reuse of water and heat sources. In addition, we minimize unnecessary emissions through local production by reducing transport distances.
  • We are very transparent about this and this is confirmed our partner Simavi. All the reports will be published on our website.
  • With this we build the largest alpaca farm in the world! No, just kidding. The harder our business grows, the more we can invest in the construction of toilets and the greater our impact becomes. That is why we also choose to reinvest the majority of the remaining 50% in The Good Roll. This allows us to grow even faster, expand our team and further increase our impact. With this we want to show that a profit-for-purpose business model can be successful and inspire others to also make social impact!
  • Our toilet paper is 2x as long as usual, so it goes without saying a lot longer :). The actual use varies from person to person (for example, are you a folder or a propper?), But below we give a general guideline:

    1-2 persons: Every 12 weeks
    3-4 people: every 8 weeks
    5-6 people: every 4 weeks

    1-2 persons: Every 24 weeks
    3-4 people: Every 16 weeks
    5-6 people: every 8 weeks

    You can adjust your order frequency at any time and you will receive an email a week before your new delivery is scheduled to check if you are ready!
  • Of course! Follow the following simple step-by-step plan:

    • 1. Log in with your e-mail address and password (top right: "LOGIN")
    • 2. Click on "My account"
    • 3. Click on "Your next deliveries"
    • 4. Click on "Change content of your next delivery"

  • If you are not ready for a next delivery of Good Rolls, follow this simple step-by-step plan:

    • 1. Log in with your e-mail address and password (top right: "LOGIN")
    • 2. Click on "My account"
    • 3. Click on "Your next deliveries"
    • 4. Click on "Adjust frequency"
    • 5. Adjust the number of weeks until your desired delivery date appears

  • But of course! Follow the following simple step-by-step plan:

    • 1. Log in with your e-mail address and password (top right: "LOGIN")
    • 2. Click on "My account"
    • 3. Click on "Your next deliveries"
    • 4. Click on "Pause subscription"

  • We can hardly imagine that you really want this, but of course it is very easy!

    We are as flexible as the skin of Marijke Helwegen, so you can adjust your subscription from once a week to once a year, without any obligation.

    If you are convinced that our subscription does not suit you, do the following:

    • 1. Log in with your e-mail address and password (top right: "LOGIN")
    • 2. Click on "My account"
    • 3. Click on "Your next deliveries"
    • 4. Click on "Stop" and confirm

    You will no longer automatically receive your stock of toilet paper at home.
  • Hell yes! Our wraps are extremely suitable to fully customize in your own house style and with your own message. In addition, we also have rolls without wraps and other formats for business customers. Contact us at and we will make an appropriate proposal!
  • That's possible, they are made of 100% recycled paper and printed with bio ink, so you can just throw them away. But we would find it much more fun if you reuse them, for example as origami or gift wrapping. You go craftsmen!
  • Good news! We only use paper and cardboard in our product and its packaging, so all parts can be recycled. Think of the cardboard inside of the toilet roll, the wrapper and the box in which the rolls are packed. Bye bye plastic, happy recycling!
  • Oh yeah! We have various sizes of jumbo toilet rolls in our B2B range. Send a mail to for a customized proposal.
  • Yes, if you were a large company, office or hotel! Then we will gladly make a customized proposal, and you will immediately see your positive impact on people, the environment and your wallet!

    Please email us at


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