Celebrate equality!

Pride Amsterdam is a festival to celebrate that you can be who you are and may love who you want. One weekend per year, LGBTs (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) set the standard in the capital.

Grandfathers and grandmothers with grandchildren dressed in pink and people with t-shirts like "my best friend is gay" or "gay for a day" can be seen throughout the city.

The fact that we can celebrate our individual freedom so openly and together with the rest of the city means that much larger Prides such as New York, Madrid and São Paulo are jealous of Amsterdam.


+ 24 Toilet-rolls actually 48 Toilet-rolls due to compact Wrapping! So: 24 = 48 Rolls of Toilet-paper

+ 100% Tree Friendly and EU Ecolabel Certified + 2x More sheets as usual! (400 vs. 200)

+ Super Soft and Super Strong 2 Layer Toiletpaper!

+ Clear and White Paper + Production process is without the use of any Chemicals, like Chlorine or Pigment.

+ Packaging is 100% Plastic Free!

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No less than 32% of the world’s population live without access to safe, clean toilets. To us - that’s a scary amount! And the reason why we donate 50% of our net profit to the Simavi Foundation which is committed to building good sanitary facilities for people who need them. 


Tree-friendly; that’s how it should be. And the reason we only use 100% recycled paper fibres for our toilet paper. So, no trees are felled, less water is consumed and carbon emissions decrease too. Trees should be resplendent in nature, they should not end up in the toilet roll in your bathroom. 


...and for your well-being. Super soft and super strong, and just as good for you as it is for your wallet. No chemicals, added colours or fragrances are added to our toilet paper, so no worries! 


Finally, toilet paper that is sexy and catches your eye. And no more embarrassing large toilet paper packages to drag around, and no running out of it anymore. But best of all: it really does feel good to do good ... 

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