We’re officially B Corp certified! 

We’re extremely proud to announce that The Good Roll is officially certified as a B corporation. Our score you ask? 111! We are really proud of this and it makes us part of an exclusive club of only 4000 companies worldwide that are awarded with the certification. 

What does it mean to be a B Corp?

The B Corp certification, where the B means “Benefit”, brings many benefits with it. It means that a corporation wants to make a positive impact on social and environmental levels. That means that decisions are made with the best intentions on the levels of employees, customers, suppliers, production, the community and the environment. Thus, it includes much more than the EU Ecolabel which all our products carry or our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. 

In our case, you know that we donate 50% of our net profits to charity via The Good Roll Foundation. 

What’s next? 

It’s not because we’re now B Corp certified, that we will stop to increase the positive impact we are making. The current score we received was 111 out of 200, for the record, as of scoring 80 points, a company can call themselves a B corp. That means that with our sustainable toilet paper we’re well on our way, yet a higher certification should also be possible. 

Read more about B Corp here!

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