The only negative thing about The Good Roll: our CO2 emissions

We care as much about the planet as we do about people and your bumm. We want to increase our impact on people's lives and reduce negative impact on the climate.


Less CO2 emission by green delivery

To reduce the impact of the delivery of our parcels as much as possible, the majority of our parcels are delivered by Budbee. Budbee is a green delivery service that delivers the parcels in the evening. People are more often at home in the evening, which prevents a van from driving around with our parcels for nothing.


Less emissions by CO2 compenstation

Likewise to our processes; we strive to increase our impact on people's lives and reduce our impact on the planet. In cooperation with JustDiggit, we have been able to go from CO2 neutral to CO2 negative. This reduces our negative impact on the environment. JustDiggit compensates our CO2 emissions through landscape restoration projects in Africa. They plant trees and restore nature reserves. The newly planted nature areas reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. In addition, these projects contribute to the restoration and promotion of biodiversity.


Less emissions by rolling with bamboo

Even more environmentally friendly: Bamboo toilet paper. Besides being incredibly soft and strong, bamboo toilet paper is also environmentally friendly. Bamboo absorbs a lot of CO2 while it is growing. Besides, bamboo is a type of grass and grows up to 30 times faster than trees.

Another advantage of bamboo is that it absorbs 35% more CO2 than trees and produces 30% more oxygen than trees. By using Bamboo toilet paper, you are not only assured of soft bottoms, you can also wipe your bottom with confidence. By wiping with our bamboo toilet paper, you not only ensure clean bottoms, you also ensure a clean earth.

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