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We are The Good Roll makers of 100% European recycled paper. Our mission: Safe and clean toilets for everyone! That is why we use 50% of our net profit to construct toilets in various countries in Africa.

The Good Roll originated from a collective frustration. There are 2.3 billion people worldwide who do not have access to safe and clean toilets, this is one third (!) of the world's population. In addition, 27,000 trees are cut down every day for the production of toilet paper.

Shocking figures if you ask us. So shocking that they inspired us to develop The Good Roll; an initiative to tackle both problems. A unique Dutch win-win concept: a 100% tree-friendly toilet roll, made from European recycled paper. At the same time, in collaboration with our foundation & Simavi, we use part of our proceeds to give as many people as possible access to safe and clean toilets. 

The Good Roll

We make the world less shitty.

Toilet paper that builds toilets.

The Good Roll Team
The Good Roll Team
Bob School, Accra
Bob School, Accra


In addition to being 100% environmentally-friendly, we also make a social contribution at our workplace.

We have chosen to work with government-directed sheltered workshops for a part of our production process. This way, The Good Roll offers work and guidance to more than 75 people that in some way have difficulty entering the labour market. They may have a physical, mental or psychological disability, or they might just have had problems along the road of life. These people are offered a chance to work in circumstances that work for them.

We firmly believe that everyone can make a valuable contribution, no matter how small, to The Good Roll.

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