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Please sit down, have a really good look at this.

A unique concept in toilet paper: one that uses 50% of its net profit to support the building and improvement of sanitary facilities in developing countries. A new concept, born out of shared frustration. Every day some 270,000 (!) trees are felled to produce toilet paper. And there are currently 2.3 billion (!) people who do not have access to safe, clean toilets - about 32% of the world’s total population.

Alarming figures if you ask us. So alarming, that they inspired us to develop The Good Roll; an initiative that we can use to tackle both problems at once. A uniquely Dutch concept: a 100% tree-friendly, ecological toilet roll made from recycled paper ... and good sanitary facilities provided for as many people as possible by using a proportion of our net profit and investing it in the Simavi Foundation.

To make it even more attractive, this is a super-soft, inexpensive, colourful and luxurious designer-roll, delivered to at your doorstep in a very special way.

The Good Roll
Toilet paper that builds toilets.

The Good Roll is an initiative of Melle Schellekens and Sander de Klerk

Meet our Team!

 The basic selection of The Good Roll consists of a team of 6 people and 1 awesome dog.

What we do? That is simple, sell as many toilet rolls as possible! Because with this we can improve life for thousands of people who do not have this luxury , and we do this with a simple and everyday product.

And of course the faint toilet humor at the office, that helps too!

Safe & clean toilets for everyone = The Good Roll


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